We operate on two models;  selling as a product and as a service

For the product model, we supply the entire software and hardware architecture, train the client and attend or operate the first mission up to the delivery whether it’s a visual, pointcloud or other deliverable data form.

With services, we are contracted on either a fixed day rate where we mobilize personnel with the equipment necessary to execute the mission and acquire the data sought. Travel costs are covered by the client. See how a mission is like here

For pricing contact  . To help us decide which model and product suits you most, provide us with as much information on the profile you need to survey like:

Data form desired (visual, laser point cloud, gas detection, thermal, etc..)

Accuracy constraints or tolerances in case of pointclouds

Minimum diameter instance of the zone

Length desired to be surveyed

Number and location of accesspoints (top, bottom, etc) where set the ground station


Any images/schematics of entry points (where the inaccessible zone starts)

…and any other information that maybe relevant