To solve the problem of surveying inaccessible spaces, we develop aerial robots (drones) customized and ruggedized for the underground mine environments and constricted spaces, that have hybrid navigation (roll, fly, climb), carry visual, laser scanning, and other payloads, including the Batonomous®, an autonomous navigation and mapping payload developed by Inkonova for GPS denied and light deprived constricted zones and other indoor environments , and BatLite a non-autonomous payload.

Most of our work is inaccessible zones in underground mines, but we also quote for hydropower tunnels, tanks, collapsible or unsupported structures, hulls, industrial containers or boilers, research facilities, natural caves, and other similarly dangerous or unreachable zones.

Our platforms; the Ranger (here) and the Scout (here), are sensor and payload agnostic (can be equipped with payloads from Inkonova or other companies)

Our payloads; the Batonomous (here) and the Batlite, are platform agnostic (can be mounted on platforms from Inkonova or other companies)

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