TILT Ranger

World's First Drone Solution for Underground Mines.

Flies, runs, climbs and scans inaccessible zones to save lives, time and money


The Ranger is a customized drone platform that is able to carry various payloads, and can have a hybrid navigation capacity due to it’s wheeled design and the tilt mechanism. It can be equipped with collision avoidance like the version shown below. The spec sheets are provided in the tab above. Visit our cases section to see past missions that have employed the Ranger drone.

The output can be a 3D laser point-cloud map (using SLAM) in addition to video footage (see examples here). It can be equipped with any sensor payload as well for which it can provide power from its own battery.¬†Some screenshots of example scans (produced using Clickmox’s payload and its VScan3D scanner) are below :



The hybrid run/fly/climb – capacities that can be essential in underground mines and similar tight space environments are employing the tilt-rotor technology, which Inkonova was one of the first to commercialize in 2015. On the other hand using this system lowers the flight time and that is why we offer a non-tilt version of the drone. The last iteration of the Inkonova Tilt Ranger can be seen bellow:

The visual payloads the drone can carry can be processed into photogrammetric 3D images like the one below.

Key Features

Customized for Underground

From motors and structure to the system tolerance and maintenance, engineered to optimize flight performance, weight, and other requisites for underground conditions.

Hybrid Navigation

Can fly, run and climb, enabled by the tilt-rotor technology.

Collison Avoidance

Our R&D efforts are solving the difficult navigation problem in GPS-deprived, light-deprived, and tight spaces.

Past Missions and Cases

The TILT Ranger has a list of reference cases and mission expertise, an asset put to use in every new mission and order.

3D Laser Mapping, and Other Payloads

With a payload capacity surpassing 1 kg for the X8 version, the TILT Ranger can carry a variety of sensory payloads that other solutions of its size and class can’t.

Propeller Protection

Carbon fibre integrated main body propeller protectors that also offers light crash resistance.

Video Link

Solid video link for beyond line of sight operations in the customer preferred frequency.

IP 64 Protection

Water-tight, dust-proof and corrosion resistant construction.