Technical features

Main Specs

  • Oversized wheels allow rolling on ground and inclined/vertical uneven surfaces while in the same time act as side bumpers.
  • Carbon fibre integrated main body propeller protectors. Industrial grade nylon plastic parts all around.
  • 5-direction reactive collision avoidance.
  • Designed for 3D laser scanning (1kg+ payload, dependent on configuration).
  • Up to 15min flight time with up to under 25min of charging time per battery.
  • Three First Person View (FPV), low lux, cameras for dark environments switchable from the radio transmitter that relay visual data with low latency to the operator.
  • On-Screen-Display (OSD) overlaid in the FPV video feed showing battery voltage and flight time.
  • IP64 dust-proof, water-tight and corrosion resistance. All electronics enclosed and protected against dust and water splashes.
  • Three drone quick-change configurations: wheels, legs and without any of the previous mentioned. Wheels and legs configurations can operate with the scanner on top and battery on bottom and vice versa.
  • Active cooling system.
  • Triple voltage alarm system (indicator for landing/time to return; voltage level trigger is adjustable): audible in drone for Line Of Sight (LOS) flights, visual in FPV feed for Beyond-LOS (BLOS) missions, audible from transmitter in all flight scenarios via RC transmitter telemetry.
  • Multicolour LEDs mounted on the side of the drone for orientation in LOS flights.
  • Integrated powerful lighting system capable of providing enough light for low ISO video image capture.
  • GPS for outdoor missions. Waypoint missions, return to home and other GPS- based features.
  • Remote switch lines: useful to trigger or switch on/off any drone subsystem or payload.
  • Three FPV cameras (facing up, down and forward) switchable from RC transmitter.
  • Lithium-Polymer batteries available under 100Wh that can be taken on flights as carry-on luggage.
  • 150 A rated, anti-spark, plugs in both top and bottom.
  • Multi channel RC and video low-latency systems capable of up to 500m BLOS missions.
  • Customer chosen frequencies for RC and video upon request as well as CE/FCC/IC standards.
  • Offered with the BatLite payload or a visual payload (up to multiple cameras of 4k-60fpv-130 deg. field of view) .
  • Tilt, non-tilt, X4 and X8 (4 or 8 motors) versions available, capable of flight at up to 3000m altitude.
  • FPV goggles capable of recording received video.

Standard commercial package includes:

  • Ranger drone
  • Hardcase that fits all equipement
  • Wheels and legs
  • 2 sets of propellers
  • FPV googles with battery and long range antennas
  • Radio transmitter with battery
  • Two high voltage LiPo batteries for flight
  • Battery charger and power source
  • Standard accessories

Optional components includes:

  • Inkonova BatLite 3D LIDAR (laser) survey payload. Please email us for details about the BatLite.
  • Visual photogrammetry payload
  • Plastic spare parts
  • Additional payload trays
  • Additional batteries for any of the equipment used
  • Additional spare propellers
  • High power battery charter
  • Video monitor with long range antennas
  • GPS upgrade for outdoor flight
  • Custom power or mechanical connection between our drone and your payload