TILT Scout

TILT Scout

The Scout is a lower cost, lighter payload variant of its big brother, the Ranger. Holding the same hybrid fly/roll/climb navigation capacity (when this function is chosen by the customer), enabled by its wheels and its tilt-rotors, the Scout came as a response to theincreased demand for inspections of smaller inaccessible zones, or zones with smaller entry points such as pipes, tanks, vessels, ducts, shafts and small chambers.

The Scout carries over the rugged design of the Ranger, to suit inspection missions in tough environments, and comes with a degree of water and dust resistance.

The standard payload is mainly visual (up to two 4k60fps-130 deg FOW cameras), but it can be customized to hold any payload below 300g.

The Scout is also used to complement the Ranger where it can be flown in, as a lower cost, lower-risk expendable unit, to pre-explore the inaccessible zone before sending in the Ranger with the the expensive 3D laser mapping apparatus.

  • Hybrid Navigation – Roll/Fly/Climb
  • Tilt-rotor mechanism (we offer a non-tilt version too)
  • Dimensions: 60 x 42 x 23 cm
  • Payload Capacity: 300g
  • FPV BLOS Navigation: 3 switchable camera directions (top, bottom, front cameras)
  • Radio transmitter band: 433 MHz and 2.4GHz (CE, FCC or IC standard available on request)
  • Video transmitter power: 25mW (CE approved) till 200mW depending on request
  • Up to 250m beyond line of sight coverage*
  • Up to 12 min of flight time**

*Dependent on environment composition and geometry

**Dependent on configuration, payload and air parameters



We offer a TILT Scout Lite version of this drone, which is a smaller size and a smaller payload platform.


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